Champion Life Series - Character Development Training Course

Why Character Matters?

 Welcome coaches to Champion Life Series for student-athlete character development. Thank you for taking advantage of this powerful course that will help you manage the mental and emotionally stability of your team through a long hard season.  Preparing and fighting for a championship is not easy.  But all that hard work should not go to waste because character flaws kill your progress. Character flaws hinder team focus, drive, and commitment toward team goals.  

Character is the foundation that holds all the hard work and preparation together during a long season.  Every team prepares the same but the one that exercises good character throughout the riggers and unpredictability of a season, usually are the ones left standing holding the trophy.

So get your pen and paper out and get ready to take notes.  There are 3 things I want you to think about as we go through this course:

1. Where are these principles impacting my program?

2. Who are the leaders on my team that can help me facilitate and govern these principles?

3.  How can these principles become a foundation of the culture I want to create year after year in my program?


1. Introduce each core character 

2. Give our CLS affirmation

3. Define that affirmation

4. How to train this skill

Let's Go!!

Key thoughts to keep in mind:

Character development is not a soft skill.  It's a skill that sets the culture of your team.

Character does not just automatically happen, it has to be trained consistently.

We have to train character with the same intensity and sense of urgency as we do on the practice field, in the weight room, and in the classroom.  

For young athletes, character training is their first introduction into personal development.

Personal development is a life long process that allows us to experience a fulfilled life.  

1. Consisitency Core Character Training

What Consistency look like...

Consistency is the building blocks of trust. When we are consistent in our behavior and intentions, we develop a pattern of behavior that others can trust.

CLS Training Affirmation: “The positive things I do on a consistent basis establishes trust from my coaches and teammates as well as in myself.”

When a student-athlete has established consistency...

  1. Coaches can give them more responsibility 
  2. Coaches and players can count on them to deliver what they ask of them
  3. The player is more confident because they have established a positive habit within themselves
  4. The player is less discouraged because his consistent hard work has prepared them to push through adversity with confidence

 3 Core Character areas for Consistency Training

  1. Consistency in my athletic preparation (film study, physical training, playbook mastery)
  2. Consistency in the classroom (class attendance, study habits, utilizing academic resources)
  3. Consistency in the community building healthy relationships and making good respectful decisions

2. Humility Core Character Training

What Humility looks like...

Humility is the seed in which we water to foster our learning and growth. A person that walks in humility acknowledges accomplishment, but quickly understands there is so much more I can do to improve. Humility is our secret to getting better. 

CLS Training Affirmation: “I remain humble because there is so much more to learn to get better.” 

When a student-athlete walks in this kind of humility... 

  1. They keep the energy level focused on the team thoughout the ups and downs of competition
  2. They are always evaluating ways to get better when everyone is celebrating their performance
  3. They keep the momentum of themselves and teammates going strong throughout the season

3 Core Character Areas for Humility Training

  1. Being able to invite constructive criticism
  2. Being able to put prior success in its proper perspective
  3. Being able to take the focus off of self and look toward others that maybe in need

3. Attitude Core Character Training

What Attitude looks like...

Attitude sets the tone for how we will approach challenges in our life. Our attitude is the ignition switch to that progress.  

CLS Training Affirmation: “My attitude determines the intensity and speed of my progress.”

When a student-athlete establishes the right attitude...

  1. They are open to leadership
  2. They do not oppose structure
  3. They understand bring optimism and resilience to difficult situations

 3 Core Character areas for Attitude Training

  1. Being consistently aware of how my attitude is affecting my effort to participate and contribute
  2. Being open for evaluation of how my attitude is affecting my results
  3. Being open to reach out for help and assistance to improve my attitude in areas where I am struggling to reach my maximum effort

4. Motivation Core Character Training

What Motivation looks like...

Motivation is the inspiration that drives work ethic. When we are motivated, facing challenges is part of the process that we embrace. What makes motivation sustainable is our awareness to attach it to a cause that is bigger than ourselves. 

CLS Training Affirmation: “I am motivated by a cause that is bigger than myself.”

When a student-athlete establishes the right motivation… 

  1. They embrace sacrifice
  2. They embrace celebrating others successes 
  3. They embrace being apart of making someone else’s life better

3 Core Character areas for Motivation Training

  1. Connect with team members and team goals
  2. Connect with your contribution of how those team goals will be met
  3. Connect with the vision of team accomplishment and celebration of potential victories

5. Perseverance Core Character Training

What Perseverance looks like...

Perseverance is our will to overcome. Our perseverance is strengthened by recognizing the challenges we are facing were not meant to be endured alone.  We have a team of support around us that are dedicated in helping us succeed. 

CLS Training Affirmation: “My will is strong because I know I am not alone.”

Student-Athletes who persevere in this way

  1. Are not worn out physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  2. Are becoming stronger when others can identify with their struggle.
  3. Solve issues quicker and more efficiently because two minds are better than one.

3 Core Character areas for Perseverance Training

  1. Avoid isolation when things get difficult
  2. Avoid taking on too much for you to handle
  3. Avoid not asking for help when you need assistance

6. Integrity Core Character Training

What Integrity looks like...

Integrity is paying the full price to be the best. If the student-athlete is unwilling to give full effort, he/she is cheating the process. As a result, these actions lessen the player’s credibility for achievement, as well as decreases their chances of opportunity. 

CLS Training Affirmation - “I take NO shortcuts on this journey to become the best I can be.” 

A student-athlete who walks in integrity like this...

  1. Want the value of going through the process
  2. Understand the importance of being all in for team goals
  3. Are not afraid of being accountable

3 Core Character areas for Integrity Training

  1. Resist looking for ways to get out of taking full responsibility
  2. Resist looking for excuses to explain mistakes 
  3. Resist looking to blame others for shortcomings

7. Order core character training

What Order looks like...

Order is the foundation for discipline. Surrounding ourselves with positive people and productive environments is how we develop that discipline. Order then becomes our roadmap to success because of its alignment to things that benefit our lives.

CLS Training Affirmation - “I keep my life aligned with GOOD things and people that keep me on the right track.” 

A student-athlete that walks in order...

  1. Want people around them that want the same success they do
  2. Want to be involved in activities that do not put them at risk of losing that success
  3. Are eager to learn what it takes to sustain success 

3 Core Character areas for Order Training 

  1. Keeping people in your life that only edify and keep you accountable to being the best version of yourself
  2. Keeping activities that only keep you striving toward the best version of yourself
  3. Keeping habits that only build a foundation to be the best version of yourself

8. Niche or Role Character Core Training

What accepting your Niche or Role looks like...

Our niche is our role on the team that we accept to give our full effort and attention to. We embrace that role as our own without harvesting any negative feelings. We understand that no role is smaller than the other, and every part holds a huge significance and contribution.  

CLS Training Affirmation - “It is not about what I can accomplish, but what WE can contribute together that will make us CHAMPIONS!”

A student-athlete embraces his/her niche and role like this... 

  1. Understand that accomplishing  team goals build bridges for future success and relationships
  2. View selfishness as a form of eliminating successful experiences
  3. Understand that being apart of anything successful is historic and transforms many lives other than themselves.  

3 Core Character areas for Niche Training

  1. Let go of influences that tell you your talents are not valued
  2. Let go of influences that discredit sacrifice
  3. Let go of influences that put your goals before the team

character core training wrap up

Why Character Development is important to me and where i failed...

Let's Build Character Together

Thx guys for taking advantage of this promotional course to kick off the student athlete character development programs I will be launching in the future. I know this will make a positive impact on your program as well as build that character culture you desire for your athletes.  

  1. Send this link to your players ... 
  2. identify the leaders on your team who want to keep their teammates accountable according to these core character values 
  3. Print off the pdf flyer and put in your players locker so they can meditate on them daily


So what’s the next step! 

Schedule a workshop with me so I can come and train your student athletes how to implement this program in their daily lives. We can agree that our goal is to build athletes of character that will make an impact in the real world.

The workshop will include:

  1. An extensive overview and training on how to identify personal character flaws and the process on how to address and correct them.  
  2. A Training Workbook that will be used to set character goals, measure progress, and document personal development change
  3. Skills on how to access outside resources to build that character team that will keep them growing and accountable
  4. Tools on how to create a character culture in their schools and community.  

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Please give me feedback on this course and comment on what topics you would like to me touch on in the future.