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8 Core Areas for Character Development

Becoming a championship team begins in the locker room, the film room, the weight room, and the decisions we make in the off-season. What we see on the field is the product of that commitment. A championship culture does not happen overnight and it is difficult to maintain. CLS has created a player development system that provides a method to produce and sustain the CHARACTER required for a successful season. 

The CLS model has three main objectives:

1. Championship character can be trained

2. Championship character can be self-managed

3. Championship character can be duplicated in your organization

8 Character Traits for Aspiring College Student-Athletes

College coaches are not just recruiting talent, they are emphasizing student-athletes with character.  Winning is the ultimate goal, but representing the university is just as valuable to their program's success.  In this one hour chalk-talk, CLS will provide the 8 character traits college coaches are looking for in recruiting.  CLS will provide the tools to train yourself to be strong in these character areas.  

CLS Workshops & Training

CLS training are two and a half day workshops  

Day One 

  • Coaches training about CLS and how to implement program with players
  • Practice attendance and coach/player communication training 

Day Two

  • Athletic and support staff CLS training and how to integrate into existing resources and programs
  • Student - Athlete introduction to CLS and how to implement personal development management
  • CLS Leadership training for team leaders to assist in managing team performance and accountability

Day Three

  • Recap of two day workshop with head coach
  • Establish guidelines for further CLS support in the future

The V.O.W. - A conversation with male student-athletes about women.

“How MEN Value women in our society will influence what THEY Observe which affects how THEY will Welcome change .” - The V.O.W.

This one hour workshop will challenge male student athletes to reevaluate their views and belief systems about women in our society. In this workshop they will confront biases, misogyny, and unhealthy stereotypes and cultural norms. CoachBobbyJackson will educate toward mind renewal to alter behavior. At the end of this important life changing meeting, the male student athletes will be challenged to take “The V.O.W.” for personal development growth in this area. This growth will encourage them to become leaders in their community for change. 

One on One & Group Performance Coaching

One on One performance coaching is for coaches and athletes struggling to reach their full potential. 

Areas of need:

  • Connecting and motivating player(s)
  • Connecting and adapting to coaching styles
  • Getting over mental and emotional hurdles of specific challenges
  • Making a comeback from injury
  • Handling disappointment and setbacks
  • Time management with on and off the field responsibilities
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Preparing and transitioning for life after an athletic career
  • Balancing career and family life

Group Performance Coaching is for coaching staffs and areas of the team that need a different approach to reach a desired outcome.Areas of need: 

  • Coaching staff chemistry
  • Team chemistry 
  • Team leader(s) motivation and accountability strategies 
  • Setting realistic team goals

Hands Off! - Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program

“Hands Off!” addresses the need of more preventive methods to decrease sexual assault and domestic violence incidents on college campuses. The program introduces a new proactive technique and approach to this crisis. The #1 goal of Hands Off! is to change college campus culture by making sexual assault and domestic violence a part of the everyday conversation. 

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