CLS Philosophy - "Character can be trained"

ChampionLifeSeries is created from the CHAMPION methodology. Through C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. attributes, we challenge student-athletes to build their character through our eight foundational areas for growth. Those areas are consistency, humility, attitude, motivation, perseverance, integrity, order, and niche (role). Student-Athletes are given a program that identifies areas of concern with a plan to lead  them to become their best selves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Accountability is a core driver of our program. Coaches, parents, and support staff are encouraged to be apart of their student-athletes growth. By offering mentorship and a pathway to professional services, CLS becomes a win-win for all parties involved.  


Team culture of accountability

Coaches appreciate a character training system that is aligned with team goals and objectives. It assists them in setting a culture that is easily duplicated year after year. Also the leaders on the team are given an effective tool to lead their teammates. 

Student Athletes take personal development more seriously

Our student athletes understand that character development should be taken just as seriously as athletic and academic training to be fully successful in life.  

Building a player-coach relationship bond

There is nothing more impactful in a player-coach relationship then when a player knows their coach really cares about them.  It's not all about the X's and O's, but their life really matters.  CLS addresses this important step of building that trust and bond.  Our program opens up discussion that can lead to meaningful mentorship and guidance.  

CLS closes the communication gap

Our program is a platform for all parties involved, student athletes, coaches, and support staff, can communicate openly and effectively about personal development goals and issues. The main strategy of CLS is to keep everyone on the same page.  

CLS aligns athletic, academic, and emotional goals together.

Student-athletes take on a lot of responsibility in their collegiate and high school experience. It can be overwhelming. Instead of suppressing emotional struggles, CLS makes personal growth a part of the goal setting process that all parties are involved in.  

CLS teaches "the forgotten" skills for professional life after athletic career.

There are many articles out there that suggest that the Millennial generation lack the soft skills required to be successful in their professional lives after their athletic journey is over.  CLS teaches the importance of relationship building and accountability.  Our program trains this skill though the C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. methodology.  Our students learn how to identify weaknesses and grow in areas to be ready and prepared to be successful in their careers.  

CLS History

“An individual’s character can’t be summed up by one specific event, but by a series of personal choices that tell the full story of that experience.” - CoachBobbyJackson, founder of CLS

A passion for player development is what kept CoachBobbyJackson on his career path all these years. He has created various strategies and programs to develop his athletes mentally and emotionally as well as physically. The concept of C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. Life Series was birthed in 2008 at a prestigious private high school in Oklahoma City, Ok; Mount St. Mary. There, he was inspired to take his job as strength and conditioning coach to another level by adding mental and emotional training to the workouts. “To create an athlete that is strong holistically, should be the #1 goal of any coach” - CoachBobbyJackson

In the past ten years, national news reports of character issues and failures have continued to grow on high school and college campuses. Coach Jackson saw that CLS can be the answer for this growing epidemic of moral and character decay in our educational institutions. He has dedicated himself the past decade to fine tuning CLS and acquiring the additional education needed to bring the best service to his clients.