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“Where character can be trained, managed, and duplicated in your organization.” - CLS

What is CLS?

C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. LIFE SERIES is a program created for student-athletes that bridges the gap between high performance expectations and personal development.  Through our player development training system coaches, student-athletes, and support staff have a tool that keeps all involved on the same page mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The product is a student-athlete that "buys in" to the process  of becoming a complete person on and off the field.  

Character in sports still matter!

Our Belief

First, character can be trained.

Good character is not something we are born with. Even though good character can be taught, there is no guarantee that it will become a habit. However, good character can be trained. When trained, the positive results will be displayed from a person’s ability to be aware of their current mental and emotional state. C.H.AM.P.I.O.N. Life Series (CLS)  has created an easy to learn system that trains our athletes to incorporate character as a lifestyle to influence everyday choices and interactions.  

Second, character can be self-managed.

A key weakness in our current character building training methods is lack of long term effectiveness. This is due to the lack of self management. The CLS Character Development System is constructed to give our athletes the tools to self-manage their goals and progress. Through self managing their personal development, athletes will be trained to accept that good character is not a one time decision, but a way of life. 

Third, character can be duplicated.

The statement, “This is not just what we do, this is who we are” is the goal mission for any organization. By growing and learning from each other, good character becomes more than sporadic acts of kindness, but an attractive foundational piece that an organization is known for. To establish a culture of good character, CLS incorporates an accountability component into its program. Coaches, teammates, and athletic administrators are part of the character journey of each student-athlete. By everyone keeping each other accountable, good character will be duplicated amongst all. 

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