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"There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than to witness an individual that worked so hard, yet lose out on an opportunity because of a character flaw or misinterpreting a challenging situation." - CoachBobbyJackson

CBJ Credentials

CBJ Credentials: 

He has earned a Masters in Professional Studies as well as Certifications in Professional Coaching and Global Leadership  from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee. 

He has  also earned his B.S.Communications degree and a 4 year football letterman  jacket  from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

CBJ has over 20 years experience in the athletic and fitness arena.  He has tutored and mentored various athletes from the amateur, collegiate, and professional ranks.

He also takes pride in his experience working in the mental health industry. What shaped his skill of being the great coach he is today was the extensive amount of time serving those suffering from mental and physical abuse and chemical dependency.  

CBJ Areas of Coaching Expertise

Personal Development

Personal development is a lifelong journey. Spending time to develop those skills could be the deciding factor of receiving an opportunity or losing it. When we take personal development seriously, we are sending a message to the world that we want nothing less than to bring our best selves to the table.  CBJ will challenge you at every turn  to develop into that individual that you aspire to.  

Leadership Development

Building a team atmosphere starts at the top. Great leadership creates an environment where everyone in that organization are inspired to do and be better.  CBJ will challenge and train leadership in the importance of relationship enrichment to build that culture.  

Marriage & Family Development

Leaving a legacy of wholeness (spiritually, mentally, and physically) for you and your family is essential.  Learn how to communicate and execute family goals like a team while surrendering those habits that cause dysfunction.

Youth Development

Being confident in yourself and discovering your  gifts and talents  is a challenge for most of our youth today.  The many mixed messages in our society and the lack of mentorship is a distraction from reaching a firm footing to "Who I Am".  CBJ will set that foundation for our youth to leap toward their destiny.  

Coaches Support System

Coaching is hard.  It is demanding mentally, spiritually, as well as physically. That kind of fatigue can take a toll. Those things that matter most to you can easily fall through the cracks. I understand that struggle of trying to do it all and be all things to all people. I can help you manage that load efficiently without losing yourself in the process. Coaches  need help setting personal development goals to become a better version of themselves for those they are serving.

Student-Athlete Development

Our student-athletes are trained to excel on the field and the classroom.   What never gets that same attention and consistent training is character development.  We see it everyday in our news cycles.  It happens so quickly and no athlete is immune to falling into irreversible mistakes.  CBJ has programs designed to train character.  Learn more here!


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