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We all have a desire for the upcoming new year to better than the last. Putting that plan in place can be overwhelming even if the DREAM of something new is burning inside. Coaching can help you bring those dreams to life. It will take hard work, but with the proper strategy, your 2020 journey can be one you are most proud of. Sign up for CoachBobbyJackson’s “2020 Game Ready Plan” and let us make history together.  

The Coaching will begin with a 3 hour session with CoachBobbyJackson.

First 90 minutes we will discuss the events that impacted you the most in 2019.

  1. How have these events shaped your outlook on your potential?
  2. How have these events inspired your 2020 goals?
  3. How have these events impacted relationships around you?
  4. How have these events influenced your prospective on what matters most to you right now?
  5. How have these events identified your strengths and weaknesses?
  6. How have these events affected you spiritually?
  7. How have these events created obstacles in your life?

Second 90 minutes we will strategize together how to build a realistic roadmap for an amazing 2020 calendar year.

  1. We will discover together a clear vision for 2020.
  2. We will identify experts available to assist us in unlocking that vision.
  3. We will put resources in place to make that vision come to life.
  4. We will set up an accountability infrastructure to keep us on track
  5. We will talk in detail how and why our efforts should positively impact others
  6. We will set “fulfillment checkpoints” along our journey to see if we need to make modifications
  7. We will create an expectation of how this journey will affect us spiritually

Who can benefit from a “2020 Game Ready Plan”.  

  1. Families
  2. Marriages
  3. Entrepreneurs 
  4. Organizations (Non-Profit & For-Profit) 
  5. Athletes & Sports Teams

Coaching FEE: $500 “You deserve the most intense but rewarding coaching you will ever experience.”

I recommend adding four follow up 1-hour sessions for additional $500 (50% off regular price) 

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"A good plan is built on getting up, a great plan is built on learning from how you fell down." - CoachBobbyJackson

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